Weddings in the Adelaide Hills

Bridal Groups

MacStays proves to be the ideal spacious place for bridal groups in the preparation and retreat around the wedding day. This is what makes MacStays wedding accommodation Woodside better than one can imagine. Whether it’s for Barristers Block weddings or Oakbank Racecourse weddings MacStays is the perfect fit, with its quiet seclusion and the peaceful beauty of the Adelaide Hills.
At MacStays, wedding parties can experience comfort at its finest knowing that they are in the haven for peace and relaxation. Surely this must be a welcomed invitation that will help to make the wedding day of brides and grooms unforgettable and add the touch of perfection that so many couples desire.

Wedding Guests/Family

MacStays is a venue that attends to the needs of both your wedding guests as well as your family members. This is because your wedding guests and your family members do not have to endure long drives and long hours from their respective places to the venue. Further to this it also means that they do not have to worry about finding a way to get home. Though the best news yet, is that MacStays Homestead can accommodate up to 10 people, making it a super cost-effective solution. As such your guests and family members can be at ease, and can enjoy the wedding as they wish to.

Our offer to you!

Shetland Cottage & Studio is situated in the beautiful town of Woodside, Adelaide Hills. This beautiful place has everything right at your doorstep winery’s, Fantastic food, and great scenery which makes for plenty of exploring during your stay.

As an Introductory offer we are giving 20% discount if you book though the website for a 7 night stay in either our cottage or studio. Book your stay in the Adelaide Hills with us today.


Why Shetland Cottage and Studio for your Wedding Accommodation?

We can surely agree that when looking for wedding accommodation certain things are needed and collectively these help to make Shetland Cottage and Shetland Studio ideal venues. With MacStays being a location which offers accommodation for the wedding parties of both the bride and groom, Shetland Cottage and Shetland Studio gain added appeal. The added bonus being that Woodside is known for providing awesome opportunities for biking, enjoying lunch in Charleston and travel to the wineries.

With all of these bonuses available to those staying at Shetland Cottage and Studio, you certainly are in for a treat if you decide to stay at either venue. As a restored cottage Shetland Cottage provides the historic touch and it proves to be the perfect balance between modern and quaint. The feeling of romance is given further life with the inclusion of the fire place in the cottage and an opportunity to relax awaits you through the ambience of the front porch. Added to this the warmth and serenity of the grounds is well complimented by the local wineries which provide an air of romance and adventure especially for a romantic rendezvous.


Shetland Studio is equally as inviting and cosy. It offers added privacy together with a rustic feel. The stunning heritage windows look out to the grounds. Further to this the comfortable ambience gives way to a beautiful outdoor garden that is well-equipped with a fire-pit and a barbeque area to give the air of celebration and festivity. It is certainly worth being considered won’t you agree?


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Woodside Features

  • Melbas Chocolate Factory 4 min drive / 25 min walk / 2.2km
  • Woodside Cheese Wrights 4 min drive / 25 min walk / 2.2km
  • Lobethal Bakery Woodside 3 min walk / 210m

  • Woodside Providore 4 min walk / 350m

  • Chase Chocolate Notes 6 min walk / 450m

  • Woodside Foodland IGA 5 min walk / 400m

  • The Bedford Hotel 5 min walk / 350m

  • The Woodside Hotel 7 min walk / 550m

  • Charleston Hotel 5 min drive / 54 min walk along amy gillet bikeway / 4.4km

  • Barristers Block Winery 2 min drive / 13 min walk / 1km

  • Bird In Hand Winery 5 min drive / 3.1km

  • Art Wine 6 min drive / 3.6km

  • Petaluma Cellar Door 6 min drive / 4.2km

  • Oakbank Racecourse 9 min drive / 5.3km

  • Hahndorf Fruit and Veg Market 15 min drive / 12.4km

Native Bush walks

Challenge Hill

Fantastic eating

Transport options

  • Onkaparinga Valley Road Woodside Stop 67 (West and East side) 6 min walk / 500m

  • Mt Barker Taxis 24/7 convenient, efficient, sedans and 10 seaters

Wedding Venue’s In Woodside, Adelaide Hills.

Weddings at Barristers Block Winery

We all have an ideal picture of what our wedding day is supposed to be like right? Many of us spend years preparing for it too! Now, have you ever considered getting married at a winery? Maybe you have and maybe you have not, but it can certainly be yours for the taking! Yes, it really can be!

This is because MacStays offers the absolute best and it does so with you in mind.  More so it does so with you, your family and your guests in mind. This being said, if you are looking for unique, beautiful and majestic then Barristers Block is the place for you to have your wedding! In an ambience of beautiful vineyards, majestic trees, a picturesque lake you can choose to have an intimate gathering of approximately 50 guests or a larger gathering of up to 180 guests. Even better yet it is just a mere 2 minutes away from the facility.

With a team fully committed to catering to your needs you can have a choice of rustic or elaborate and perhaps even combine them both.  Choosing to stay at Shetland cottage and studio you will have the best of both worlds. Enjoying some beautiful relaxing accommodation, and experiencing the wedding of a life time with one of the best wineries in Woodside.

Weddings at Oakbank Racecourse

This is another perfect location where you can create magical moments and a piece of paradise, if perfect is what you are looking for. Why Oakbank Racecourse you may ask? We can provide several reasons why this can also be your venue of choice. Grab an opportunity to make magical, memorable and romantic day yours when you say yes to Oakbank Racecourse.

Oakbank Racecourse is warm, inviting and cosy. It is also a beautiful venue for a wedding too. It has an awesome backdrop and wonderful facilities. A true beauty and inviting ambience together with comfort and warmth is what you, your family and your guests can look forward to when you visit Oakbank Racecourse.

Just 9 minutes away from Shetland’s Studio and Cottage guests or your wedding party have nothing to worry about and they are also guaranteed everything to enjoy. With an idyllic setting this venue provides great scenic photos.  Here nature is at its best and with the lushness of the greenery that surrounds it you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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